Gold Coin Dealer Expands Reputation Throughout Shelby & Bloomfield Township

When it comes to finding reputable and trusted gold dealers in southeast Michigan, the search is not alway easy. However, one gold coin dealer is expanding it prominent and positive reputation throughout the Shelby and Bloomfield Townships of Michigan.

That gold coin dealer is Birmingham Coin & Jewelry based in the Birmingham-Bloomfield Hills area of southeast Michigan. More than just a gold dealer of coins, Birmingham Coin & Jewelry is the area’s leading destination to buy or sell gold and silver jewelry, watches, and other assets. Gold Coin Dealer

Over its 30 years of doing business, Birmingham Coin & Jewelry has grown to become of the area’s go-to sources for buying and selling gold. Some of the areas of expertise include gold and silver:

  • Coins
  • Jewelry
  • Semi/Precious Gems
  • Watches
  • Precious Metals
  • Stamps

You can explore the comprehensive display of products, services and specialties of Birmingham Coin & Jewelry by visiting the store’s website. Learn more about what makes this company one of the leading gold dealers in Shelby TWP.

A Customer-Oriented Gold Dealer You Can Trust

Unlike other gold dealers in the Shelby-Bloomfield townships of southeast Michigan, Birmingham Coin & Jewelry advocates an honest, customer-oriented approach to doing business. With a reputation as one of the area’s leading gold coin dealers, the Bloomfield gold buyer gives top dollar estimates based on current and up-to-date market values. In short, Birmingham Coin & Jewelry puts customer satisfaction as a top-most priority.

Get Top-Dollar By Selling Your Gold Assets

Gold MeltThe core objective of Birmingham Coin & Jewelry is to appraise customers’ gold and silver assets with honest and integrity. The company buys and sells a wide range of gold and silver items, specifically coins, jewelry, watches, and other forms of precious metals.

In addition to precious metals like gold and silver, Birmingham Coin & Jewelry is also a stamp dealer that not only buys and sells stamps, but also offers mounts, albums, stockbooks, and other items to keep valuable stamp collections organization.

Consult With The Best Gold Dealer in Birmingham-Bloomington, Michigan

The focus of Birmingham Coin & Jewelry is to help individuals better understand what their assets are worth and how they can get the best returns from those assets. As an honest and experienced gold and silver buyer in Birmingham-Bloomington, MI, the staff at Birmingham Coin & Jewelry makes certain that customers realize that they’re not just a number, but rather a vital and important individual who deserves respect, undivided attention, and trusted advice.

Learn more about this reputable gold coin dealer by viewing the video below, or following the contact and address information to pay Birmingham Coin & Jewelry a visit.

Birmingham Coin & Jewelry
33802 Woodward Ave
Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: (248) 642-1234

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Portable Vehicle Weighing Scales by

In today’s world, portable vehicle weighing scales are becoming a common sight for many different business. Long gone and forgotten are the days when loads had to be weighed at a specified site or location. Nowadays, it is becoming necessary to weigh the loads on-the-spot as a way of improving productivity and efficiency.

portable vehicle weighing scales


Thanks to companies like, portable vehicle weighing scales which can be used at virtually any location and for limited periods of time (unlike fixed truck scales.) These portable vehicle weighing scales can also work on different types of loads as well as various surfaces.

Types of Portable Weighing Scales for Trucks

The following are the main types of portable truck weighing scales offered at

  • Axle Scales – This scale is mostly suited for off-road applications.
  • Heavy-duty axle scales – This is a more sturdy scale that is used to weight heavy trucks.
  • Portable weighbridge – This is a rigid scale that resembles the traditional weighbridge; however, it is more portable.

Common Applications and Uses

There are many uses of movable truck weighing scales. As a matter of fact, the applications are always rising as the days go by. Generally, the portable vehicle weighing scales will be used indoors as well as outdoors. They can be placed on a flat and smooth surface as well as on dirt or gravel. Common applications include; weighing harvest right from the farm, the mining industry, construction sector, waste disposal, hazardous materials, chemical industry, weighbridge and much more.

Advantages of Portable Vehicle Weighing Scales Portable Truck Scales

The popularity of the portable vehicle weighing scales is always rising. This is credited to its numerous benefits that include the following:

  • Versatility – The scales can come in all manner of sizes and shapes and can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Portability – They come in a simple but compact design which is easy to use.
  • Cost Effectiveness – The cost of portable scales is much lower compared to permanent or fixed scales. One scale can be moved to different locations.
  • Time Efficiency – Installing or using a scale is pretty simple and straightforward. There is no need to construct a structure or weighbridge.

Choosing a good and reliable portable weighing scale for trucks can be a daunting task. This may be attributed to several factors.

One, there are many types of brands readily available in the market. Two, many people are not so well-versed with industrial truck scales for sale. Three, intense competition in the market has led to a lot of hype.

Fortunately, there are companies that are revered for dealing with reliable a portable vehicle weighing scales. One of the most reputable companies is The company not only has a good reputation, but also stocks a wide range of scales.

3D Load Volume Scanner: Revolutionized Technology for Many Industries

A 3D load volume scanner can really be game-changer for business models that utilize trucks and need to measure the loads on those trucks. Load volume scanners are designed to not only be cost-effective but also convenient for all the demands that a business may hold.

These 3D load volume scanner systems especially focus on scanning and evaluating how cargo that is being transported in a truck is loaded and distributed in the truck bed. This can help optimize throughout (ensuring truck loads are sufficiently full), as well as minimize risks of overloading which can lead to road fines or wear and tear on the vehicle.

Load Scanner: How It Works

The 3D load volume scanner system for use on a truck works with a simple process to enhance the way how a load can be added to a truck as needed.

1. First, a series of appropriate scanners have to be added at various points around the truck. These include the ends and corners of the truck to ensure that every space is fully covered in the process.

2. After this, the truck must be calibrated with regards to ensuring that the more accurate readouts can be used. In particular, it has to be reset in a spot where there is nothing inside the truck. This is to ensure that the sensors will identify when there are no items being added to the truck bed at a given time.

3. The sensors will then review information on how the truck is being loaded as more items are added. It will analyze this based on the amount of pressure that is being distributed onto different spots in the truck bed at a given time.

4. The readout will then show a full three-dimensional image of how the load is being maintained. This typically entails a full review of the ways how items are moving and if they are favoring one spot in the truck bed over all others.

3D Load Volume Scanner: A Smart Solution

This makes for one of the smartest types of products that anyone could use when it comes to getting any kind of truck ready for use in a strong environment. There are many positive aspects of a 3D load volume scanner that all people need to explore:

  • Load volume scanners help to analyze information on how a payload is going in real time. That is, it takes a look at any given moment at how well the materials inside the truck bed are doing and if they have shifted or moved around in some form.
  • A load scanner can also help to calculate the overall net payload that is being used at a given time. This helps in the process of figuring out what is available in a truck and to ensure that it is being measured the right way.

A 3D load volume scanner really can be suitable for trucks of all sorts. Trucks that work in the fields of mining, construction, waste removal and other fields where the items inside the truck might be at risk of shifting on occasion can certainly benefit from what such a load scanner system will have to offer. It can really make for a rather durable and appealing type of material to use as a means of checking on how well the loads in a truck are run.