Heavy-Duty Scales to Weigh Trucks & Manage Payloads

Truck scales are the kind of weighing instruments that are mainly used to calculate heavy truck loads, such us semi-truck cargo containers, crop yields from a farm, coal and mined materials, and other items that need to accurately measured to determine the payload value.

Truck Scales Heavy Duty


There are many types of truck scales that are used as precision weighing machines for specific applications. From weighbridges to portable truck scales, these heavy-duty truck scales can make a business more efficient and smooth in its operations. The range of these truck scales is increasing in the market as more businesses and industries demand specialized scales and load management equipment. This is especially the case with versatile and cost-effective solutions like portable truck scales and load scanner systems.

For instance, below is a grain dump truck scale used for farming applications. This is just one example of many types of truck scale systems that can be custom-tailored to your needs:

The following are some of the major types of heavy duty scales that are designed to weigh trucks and calculate their loads.

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridge Truck ScaleWeighbridges are long, steel-deck truck scales that are mounted on solid foundations. They are used to weigh trucks both when empty (for baseline calibration) and later when loaded with goods. These measurements are used to determine when the truck is overloaded, since overloading can reduce the life cycle of a truck. Also, overloading may lead to the destruction of infrastructure such as roads and that’s why it is prohibited by many legal systems.

Owners do take necessary measures to ensure that their vehicles are not overloaded and that is the main reason why many opt to but their own truck scales and by doing so, the costs that are involved in investing in weighbridge scales also to save time as the activities of going to the nearest weigh bridge for your vehicle to get weighed.

Portable Truck Axle Scales

Portable Truck Axle ScalePerhaps the most popular type of truck scale system is the portable type. Portable truck axle scales have many names. They are often called “portable weigh pads,” “portable wheel weighers,” or just “axle scales.” In essence, these are portable scales that weigh trucks in an efficient manner.

The versatile, portable nature of these truck scales makes them highly desired by many different users. Many companies the offer portable truck axle scales also offer these portable scales for rent. They can be used for just about any application and can withstand weights of 45 tons on most models.

PPortable Wheel Weigherallet Beams

These are mainly used in the industry and they do consist of two very strong and durable beams that are spaced at a given distance which can be adjusted with the help of a lever and that’s why a company has to learn as much information as possible concerning the durability and the net strength of such beams. Their way of work is simple as the object to be weighed is just placed on the beam and the resulting weight is recorded on a display panel.

Surface-Mounted Floor Scale

This type of floor scale is mounted on the floor with the assistance of the truck and the object to be weighed is placed on the surface mount. Although floor scales are not particularly truck scales, they often aid the weighing process for select operations in the logistics and shipping industries. In fact, floor scales for shipping companies can be the optimal solution to avoid overloading and other issues concerning these applications.

Pit Mounted Weighing Scales

These are the kind of machines that are installed over a pit while the object is actually inserted into the pit and this kind of weighing scales are suitable for small factories since they occupy very small space and they are mainly installed in basements for ensuring minimum usage of work space in many industries.

Technological changes and advancements have changed how the truck scales work and over the years, these advancements actually led to the design of accurate and other new and better scales. This led to the availability of many varieties of truck scales that range from the low profile ones which are easy to mount to the high profile that are really hard to mount and that’s why a company has to choose wisely the best size to satisfy their requirements and such factors include size and designs which have a direct effect on the price of the truck scales.